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Asserting yourself, making decisions, changing jobs, being alone, failure, success, following your dreams, being yourself, ageing, driving, flying….

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® is an multi million international bestselling book by Susan Jeffers and is now available as a hands on and practical workshop.

Join me for a unique workshop, where I will provide you with the tools, practices and confidence to help you overcome the limiting effects of fear, acheive your goals and lead a full and enriched life.

What are you afraid of?

Welcome - It's time to change your life!

Conrad Wildsmith

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway workshops

Your dreams don't have to be big, they just have to be yours.

Move yourself from a place of pain, depression, fear, guilt and hesitancy to one of power, energy, self-belief and joy.

Everyone feels fear, and fear is perfectly normal. However, when it is starting to get in the way of your happiness, your health and your needs, maybe something needs to be done!

Photo by Henrietta Wildsmith